Sometimes we get so many new releases that we don't have time to talk about them all and they get pushed back on the site. The Sleepers blog series highlights some really good records in the shop that might be flying under your radar. We are back with 5 releases we think y'all are sleepin' on.  

And, we've reduced prices on all records previously highlighted in the Sleepers series, including these new highlights below. Visit the SALE page to shop all reduced titles. 


Various - CINETICART201 (Cinetic Art)

Romanian imprint Cinetic Art brings forth a selection of carefully selected four tracks to enchant our hearing and keep both our mind and body busy. Two cuts from Melodie, Cologne's Teluric drops a house vibe, and Lines of Love comes with a dub techno influence. Four really deep tech / house cuts. 
Listen >>

Subtil 022

Various - Rest & Peace (Subtil Records)

Subtil is back with the “Rest & Peace” EP, marking a new and totally different approach for the imprint, and something different from what they typically do and gather music to listen to outside of the club ecosystems. Embracing a more musical, experimental, and definitely peaceful character, this EP is will cater to the introspective moments or those cozy hours with your favorite ones. Listen >>


Ricmho - Por Cuete (Drumma)

Ricardo Villalobos & Umho came together in 2015 to record the full length percussive-driven minimal journey, and here we finally get that release, plus two two remixes by the well-known Felipe Valenzuela, friend of the house and founder of labels and musical projects of great international recognition such as Cure music, Melchior, Melisma, among others. Listen >>

 Denis Kaznacheev - Lovestronomy EP

Denis Kaznacheev - Lovestronomy EP (GEMiNii Records)

The second Journey on GEMiNii Records doesn't need too much introductions. Maestro Denis Kaznacheev delight us with LOVESTRONOMY EP. Two fabulous Tracks stretched over nearly 15min each, both with his particular and unique Touch. Jazzy, Disturbed, Controversy, Warm and All the Music´s Color can let you take the ride into his "SPACE!" 418! Listen >>


Charolastra - Karuna (People Of Earth)

People of Earth shakes things up for #016 with a LIMITED EDITION 12” from Charolastra entitled Karuna. ONLY 200 copies pressed of this continuous play, crossover jazz release. Brought to the realization with some of ATLANTA’s most talented instrumentalists.  Listen >>

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