UVS Podcast EP045
For UVS Podcast EP045, shopkeep @djinc-atl mixes up a live blend of deep / tech house vinyl from the shop. These are some Very Strong Vibes. Underground Vinyl Source · UVS Podcast EP045  Tracklist coming soon!
UVS Podcast EP044
As spring is sprung, the weather warms and all is in bloom, this all vinyl vibe opens the windows and cracks a Guinness. aka House Your St. Patty's Day 🍀 Underground Vinyl Source · UVS Podcast EP044 Tracklist: Fresh and Low - Seven Miles Up [Rawax] Mateo Dufour - Reconnected [Djebali] D'Julz - Your Mom's Fave DJ (Jorge Savoretti Remix) [Bass Culture] Dana Ruh - Down Is The New Up [Brouquade] Detox Twins - In My Soul (Lil' Mark's M5 Mix) [Finger Prince] Frankman - Lonely Move [Deep Site Vinylized] Abacus - Ancient Technology [Phonogramme] Manuel De Lorenzi - You Freak Me EP (Caposile Music) Steve Hammer - The Song Of The Sirens [Suena Hermosa] Timid Boy -  Lokah (With Margot) [BVD Dubs] Varhat - Mopho [Up The Stuss] Traumer - At Lanta [Berg Audio]
UVS Podcast EP043
UVS Podcast EP043 features an all-vinyl blend of minimal, house & techno. Off the cuff, mixed by @djinc-atl I had been on the phone with my wife, who just got in a minor car accident (she was okay), so was a little distracted, but here it is. Underground Vinyl Source · UVS Podcast EP043   Veruh - Adventures [Carpathian Sounds - CARPATHIAN02] Quenum & Cesare vs Disorder - Just For Fun [Serialism | SER021] Ray Mono - Synchronicity [mono_cult] Alex Font - Hablame De Ti [Purple Print] Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Le Dos D’Original [YYK no label] Alexis Cabrera - The Next Tomorrow [Savor Music] Gauvin - Suspended Animation [Mood Waves] Jacob Laptini?  Böhm - Tactical Options! [Kulture Gallerie] Komponente, Kurilo - Gliese667 [System Error] Miroloja - Percstherapy (Pathagonia Remix) [OLO Recs]
UVS Podcast EP042
This episode @djinc-atl brings you another all-vinyl blend of deep dubby house and minimal. Underground Vinyl Source · UVS Podcast EP042 Merv - Spell [Subwax BCN]Matt Thibideau - Slate Range [Berg Audio 004]Alessandro Crimi - Lachessis [F4TMusic 006]Amy Pieterse & Kirill Matveev - Open (Overt Mix) [MixCult 014]Daniel Meister - Surething [Inermu Wax 015]Dawn Gab - Cosmic Ride [NOREPRESS 002]Unknown -  [OMM 005]Bryz - Blue Velvet [Darkotix 001]Silat Beksi - Indigo Ep [Modeight 017]Ki.Mi. - It's So Real (Pinewood Remix) [KR015 Construction O] Letigre & Casanova  - Trenchant [D.A.M.N. 002]
UVS Podcast EP041 feat. John Kimble
Kicking off 2024, I’ve got a great Customer Spotlight guest mix from West Coast vinyl veteran, John Kimble / Thicc Glasses.  Originally from LA, John grew up in the underground warehouse party scene in Seattle in the early 90's. A drummer and an avid fan of all things musical, with early influences by the rhythm sections of classic rock, hip hop, ska, industrial, avant garde, and the west coast dance music sounds of Jeno, Garth and the Wicked crew. Drawing inspiration from the early Uk tech house pioneers and a member of LA's The Coastal Commission and ex-vinyl-peddler from Beat Non Stop, John Kimble started playing and collecting records in 1994 and remains faithful to the craft of long seamless mixes to create a unique sound and a hypnotic listening experience.   Underground Vinyl Source · UVS Podcast EP041 feat. John Kimble   Follow John Kimble // Thicc Glasses: Instagram:  See a live set on YouTube: Tracklist 1. Cabanne - Mr. GB 2. Dennis Kaznacheev - Humulene 3. Cassy - Strong Sense  4. Mirah - Outside SIT remix 5. Delaj - lost ep 6. Ali Demir - Kumpas 7. Delaj - Lost EP  8. Ray Mono - Paid in Full (Sota remix) 9. Rich NXT - Fluxed  10. XXX Culture - State of Flow 12. Dennis Kaznacheev - over the began ep 13. Louie Fresco - Junto a ti ep 14. Lumieux - Lemme Sleep 15. Louie Fresco - Pride 16. Lumiuex - Fuzzy Formats 17. Venda - ovio ep    
UVS Podcast EP040
aka That Bear Is On Cocaine (Dec 2023)An all-vinyl blend of mostly older minimal and deep tech house mixed by @djinc-atl Underground Vinyl Source · UVS Podcast EP040 Tracklist: Gruia - How's Annie? [Sonet VA01] Prajescu - Exilence (Zenk Mix) [Maru] Soyro - Cage [Perceive Records] Direkt - Slap [Micro Orbit Records] Laughing Man - Waiting [Standalone] Topper - Stick No Bills [Mōtŭs – MTSLTD001] Barut - Decima (Priku Rmx) [MTM010] Vincent Casanova - Vibe Decode [Simple Things] Sound Process - Midnight Talk [Inermu Wax] Chklte - Initials Please (Miroloja Remix)  [Pragmatik] Dibe - Mystery Of Suffering (Soultape In Frisson Remix) [Dibe 001]
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