UVS Turntable Weight Record Stabilizer (Black)

UVS Turntable Weight Record Stabilizer (Black)


Hold it down with style. The limited edition UVS Record Stabilizer is here! 

This heavy-weight anodized aluminum stabilizer has a non-abrasive padded microfiber cloth bottom that won't mark up your labels. The shape and cloth bottom are conducive to gripping and spinning to make minor adjustments to mixes on the fly. 

  • Exclusive Underground Vinyl Source edition comes in high-gloss black with custom printed UVS logo
  • Improves the sound & recordings of vinyl by dampening unwanted vibrations
  • Helps temporarily level vinyl surface on most imperfect or lightly warped records
  • Does not "fix" warped or skipping records, though often will help keep wobbly records in place better for cueing, playing 
  • Note: not for use on beginner turntables (eg. inexpensive usb-type models) as additional weight may damage motor or affect playback 


  • 8(W)*4(H)cm
  • 80 mm 
  • 420~430 g
  • microfiber cloth bottom
  • Box included

*NOTE: Shipping is $5 flat rate domestic US. Due to size / shape, these ship separately than records when purchased together. When combined with records, price of the UVS Turntable Weight Record Stabilizer will count toward your free shipping for vinyl, but will still include $5 shipping fee for separate box for this product. Make sense? Hit me up with questions. 

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