Ryan Wofford (aka dj.inc.is a veteran of the dj scene for over 25 years. Ryan started collecting and spinning in the mid-90s and over the years has shared bills with some of the world's top DJs.


Ryan also did a stint at Tower Records in Atlanta, where he acted as a buyer of the 12", Dance, and Acid Jazz sections. The Atlanta Tower Records consistently had among the top dance and vinyl sales in the country.  

As the industry and technology evolved, dj.inc. evolved with it, first embracing cds, then digital djing, but over time started to miss the connection with the experience you can only get from vinyl records...

The look. The feel. The craft. 

After jumping back in as a consumer, buying records again, he quickly fell in love all over. There is so much great music being released on VINYL ONLY in such limited quantities that much of it doesn't really make it to shops here in the US.

// Enter //
Underground Vinyl Source.

Our MISSION is to connect passionate djs, record collectors, and fans of underground, deep house and techno with a highly curated selection of limited vinyl releases

Our GOAL is to bring you cutting edge sounds from independent and underrepresented artists & labels from around the globe, including exclusive vinyl only releases that you will only find here on Underground Vinyl Source. 

  • Don't pay overseas shipping and fluctuating currencies 
  • Don't overpay on Discogs
  • Don't wait so long you forgot you wanted it and miss out

Don't see something you think you should here? Send us your suggestions for artists, labels, or tracks.

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