You know the drill... Five records I think y'all are sleeping on: 

Gabriele Mancino - Odissey EP (RoundQubeMusik)

The Future Plans owner is back on Roundqube Musik with a bomb minimal release! Inside also a hauntingly beautiful remix from the Visionquest man Shaun Reeves.

Unknown Artist - Summer Daze (Daze)

Summer daze are the best! One side is a deep techy house with soft sultry Tracey Thorne vocal sample that puts you on a higher plane. The other is a groovy minimal floater with a sneaky soulful sample from a certain Smooth Operator. You may have heard this one around from the likes of Raresh, Sepp, Janeret, Arapu, Nu Zau, Rossko & more.


Sublee - Waiting EP (Serialism)

There's plenty to enjoy across this Romanian four-tracker, from the rumbling sub-bass, crispy drums, immersive ambient chords and booming sub-bass of opener 'Ramrock', to the wild acid motifs, pots-and-pans percussion and squelchy TB-303 bass of out-there closing cut 'Waiting'. Sandwiched in between you'll find the deep-tech wooziness of 'Hip Top' and the subtly melodic warmth of '210'.

Unknown Artist - EEE012


East End Edits supplying a certified slice of summer sun with a raucous roller sure to get any party going. A marriage you never thought would happen like this but ticks all the right boxes with a swag in the step. If you can't tell from the label, it's a Bill Withers "Lovely Day" edit ;-) Vinyl Only. 

Unknown Artist - PROGRAMMER1


Introducing the mysterious Programmer with the inaugural release on their eponymous imprint. We do know it's from Romania, and we can guarantee that upon first listen you'll know that it's legit too. On the A side we have the main room groove of "Descending Sample" which is exactly the kind of slinky and hypnotic tech house that gets filed under 'Rominimal'. If there's another thing that this lot does well it's the afterhours, and the lean and subtle B side offering "Therapy Mode" definitely has that side of things sorted. Vinyl Only.

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