Suolo - Detalii EP (Capodopere) (M)

Suolo - Detalii EP (Capodopere) (M)

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ARTIST(S): Suolo
TITLE: Detalii Ep
LABEL: CPDLTD007 | Capodopere 7

STYLES: House Minimal, Vinyl Only
Notes: Reaching out after a year of roller-coasting through new normals and perhaps solitude is none other than Suolo and his latest offspring - Detalii. The annual Capodopere outing is led by two lone crafters on a common mission, Crihan minding a full on attention-to-detail remix.

Still loyal to his roots and his original take on electronic music, Suolo takes time to develop his track-long thought. His usual by now takeover of side A results in somewhat of a scenic progression and a floating state of mind. One can always wander around his back-catalog, with no much hassle in immersing within his grand formula of sound. Lead by both rounds of echoing slashes and twinkling lumps of feather-soft melodies, Detalii at its 10 minutes is nothing short of downhill-ing between parallel worlds. Conservative in his approach, he still keeps one’s ears at the gateway of imagination, welding an organic middle with its synthetic outskirts. Is it the glory that Detalii comes with? Or his domesticated vocals in between the deep-watered repetitive hits? We’re still untangling the ends for the full picture.

By this time, the anticipation of Crihan’s body of work becomes something touchable. One might have pictured something around Alin’s palettes of vibrations but he can be a plot twister. Built around the 120 bpm mark, his take on the original extends on the idea of sonic levitation with a beat-broken re-invention of Detalii. Arguably the more melancholic version, Crihan plots an, even more, au naturel state of Detalii. More time to breathe is one early noticeable trait when it comes to the B side. Saturated with memories of places on the original and full of myths from the same places on the flip, the two have given a mirror between those parallel worlds. Elements remain profound and piercing, yet executed with the same eerie attitude.


A1: Detalii
B1: Detalii (Crihan Remix)

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