Richelieu - Surch The Menhir Ep (Pulse Msc) (M)

Richelieu - Surch The Menhir Ep (Pulse Msc) (M)


ARTIST(S): Richelieu
TITLE: Surch The Menhir Ep
LABEL: PMSC009 | Pulse Msc
STYLES: House Deep, Tech, Vinyl Only

NOTES: Influenced by new wave, deep, techno, and ambient sounds, Richelieu evolves in a futuristic universe, close to the imagination of science fiction.

His experimentation with machines gives his music a style that is minimalist yet complex, evident in the analogical melodic sequences and the precise rhythms of the drums.

This EP produced some time ago and whose release was delayed due to the pandemic, is a project for which he feels a certain nostalgia because it is not just the result of a simple artist / label collaboration but of a friendship.



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