Qik / Kamila Govorčin - Mutalismos 01 (Tecnologías Elementales) (M)


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Tecnologías Elementales

Label: Tecnologías Elementales - TE001
Format: 12", EP
Media Condition:  Mint (M)
Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)
Country:    Germany  
Genre:       Electronic
Style:         Techno, Electro, Dub, Deep Techno, Experimental
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Qik / Kamila Govorčin - Mutualismos 01 [TE 001]
Organisms interact in three fundamental ways: competition, predation, and mutualism. The last one is defined as an interaction between species that is beneficial to both.
For this series Mutualismos 01 we invite Qik from Argentina and Kamila Govorčin from Chile, as cases of different artists coming from different environments cooperating with each other.
Each side of the record is a world of its own, but its mere presence casts light on the other, reshaping our listening and allowing a stable equilibrium to be reached.

Side A 33 1⁄3 rpm

01. Mississippi River
02. Río de la Plata

Argentine musician with an extensive participation in multidisciplinary projects, Qik began producing electronic music in the early 2000s. The core elements of these tracks originated in a live performance during the quarantine of 2020, to be later reworked in the studio. The two laboratory-synthesized entities, however, maintain the fluidity of their original, a character that manifests in their rhythmic and synth progression. Mississippi River is inspired by a documentary about New Orleans families who lost their homes during the 2005 flood. The second track is based on typical afro-rhythms from the Río de la Plata in Argentina.

Side B 33 1⁄3 rpm
Kamila Govorčin

01. RWD
02. T
03. 2FW

Three intimate tracks by chilean DJ and producer Kamila Govorčin that are the result of an exercise in self-knowledge through music production after a period of questioning and discomfort. According to our sensory perception, time is linear and we cannot go back to past events: every action has its cause which can't be deleted, whether we like it or not. Our mind, on the other hand, can be trained to go back in time, select events and correct whatever interferes in our present. In her journey to find inner truth, these playful explorations with rhythmic patterns, ghostly melodies and digitally-processed voices allowed Kamila to rewind her mind in order to remember, reset, truly forget and carry on. Released May 10, 2022 Side A Written & Produced by Enrique Casal Side B Written & Produced by Kamila Govorčin Mastering by Carlos Shaw Artwork by Lamas Burgariotti Logo by Mark Angelo

A1. Qik - Mississippi River
A2. Qik - Rio De La Plata
B1. Kamila Govorčin - Rwd
B2. Kamila Govorčin - T
B3. Kamila Govorčin - 2Fw


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