Jawbreaker Ltd Edition Slipmat by Cameron Redwine

Jawbreaker - limited edition Slipmat by Cameron Redwine


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Cameron Redwine

ATL-based designer and artist, Cameron Redwine, presents Jawbreaker for our limited edition slipmat runs.

Cam's futuristic flyers from the early days of the Atlanta and southeastern US rave scene are legendary collectors items, and his ongoing art and paintings still reflect the sharp lines between sci-fi, trippy, architectural, and dark shadowy underworlds.

He's partnered with Underground Vinyl Source for a series of limited edition slipmats based on original acrylic paintings. See more at CameronRedwine.com

These 12″ slipmats are made from a 16 oz, 100% polyester 1/16th (2mm) thick felt. It is a medium density felt fabric that has a higher resistance against stretching and tearing, especially around the spindle hole. This helps the slipmat last longer than other slipmats on the market. Made & printed in the USA.

*Price is per item (1 slipmat)

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