DAV - GIABR003 (Genie In A Bottle Records) (M)

DAV - GIABR003 (Genie In A Bottle Records) (M)




LABEL: GIABR003 | Genie In A Bottle Records 

STYLES: House, Tech, Vinyl Only

RELEASE DATE: 1.20.2022

Genie In A Bottle Records


A1:    Not Right Now

B1:    Don't Say Anything

His interest in techno/house electronic music begins 1993. Rich clubbing experience gave him a chance to start his own production. Main source of quality electronic music were clubs and guest Djs mostly here in Zagreb. After gathering all styles together DAV came up with sound that is based on tech-house & deep-tech style influence. Background of 80's electronic music is also present in his work. As a dj he played in many Croatian & Slovenian clubs with his basic tech-house style, playing only his production . Finally in 2001 he signs for his first release in London and many of them followed. He is also a member of «Stereo Studio» crew here in Zagreb, which is the strongest promoting organisation here in Croatia. Many strong djs were included in those big «Stereo Studio» parties that he played with , like : Terry Francis, Asad Rizvi, Grant Dell, Eddie Richards, Gideon Jackson, Richard Grey, Get Fucked, Pure Science, Ian Pooley, Felver, Omar... Zagreb, Croatia was sort of a hot spot for the OG London tech house djs in the early '00s. The clubs, promoters and punters there really kept those guys going through the shifting sounds of "tech house" that led to its ultimate demise. Listening to DAV's productions echo those proper Croydon tech house vibes. Vinyl only. 

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