Back with more dub techno vinyl aka Dub On Wax Vol. 2



Watch the video from the live recording: 


Tropical Echobird - Twilight Cicada [Roundabout Sounds]

Bvdub - Vermillion [Millions of Moments 009]

Semitone Cycles - Elusive [OHM Series 4]

Altone - Customization (Bluetrain Special Edition Dub) [Lempuyang]

Thor - Aliens Don’t Boogie (Waage Remix) [Thule]

Roger Gerressen - Holding Thoughts [YOYAKU003LP]

SND & RTN - Floating Echoes

Jay Tripwire - Dubdub 1111 [Repeat 05]

Atart - JNVPE (Genning Remix) [Mixcult 012]

Katie Drover - Sometimes No [Carpet / Patterns 01]

Marco Cassanelli–Camden Town [Greyscale Expo]

Bl3u - Data 2000 [Crystal Mud Lo-Fi]

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