This episode is mostly focused on dub techno. It really was a continuation of the set from EP026, as I recorded it on the same day, but just hit stop between the recordings to take a little break, then flipped over the last record and started again—which is why it starts with a breaks track, Den Haas on Synkronized 003, then Admo on 39 records before settling into the dub vibes with Dan Goul on MixCult. It has tracks from Adria Duch, Modernism, the Thibideau brothers Mark & Matt, Alessandro Crimi and more.

Den Haas - The Spot [SYNK003]

Admo - Roger T. [39 Records]

Dan Goul - Simple [MixCult - ****MCRV013]

Upwellings - Sand On Wax [SPCLNCH05]

Adria Duch - No Hassle [Lempuyang 04]

Man-L - Kraken [Equilibrisme Music 002]

Modernism - Formless 0.1 (Havantepe Version) [Outlaw 010]

Unknown - Unknown B1 [Ouvert 006]

Mark & Matt Thibideau - Evaporation [Joule 04]

Alessandro Crimi - Taiga [IRENICSPC008]

Alessandro Crimi - The Space Between Everything [Stately Records 003]

Pedro D’Alessandro - Shaggy [Castelar Discos 005]

Deadbeat - Adieu Chez Cherie [Newdubhall 04]

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