UVS EP 024 is all about dub techno. I've been into it pretty heavy and building a nice little collection in the shop, but they do go quickly. I didn't do a voice over for this one, so enjoy not hearing my voice on this one!

I think the tracklist is a little wonky, possibly out of order and maybe missing some stuff but here's what I have:

Alexander Skancke - Make Due Battlecry [Quirk 005]

Luna Ludmilla - Trip on My Own [Stately Records 002]

Roger Gerressen - Untitled 1 / Monoaware [Sushitech 31R]

OHM Series 004

Bluetrain - Two Foot Terrorist [Lempuyang]

Unknown - Unknown [Ouvert 006]

Man-L - Kraken [EQLB002]

Mark & Matt Thibideau - Two Sides EP [JOULE04]

A_A - Radiant 1 [A_A - AUA004]

Alexander Skancke - Are You Happy? [Quirk 005]

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