UVS boss @djinc-atl spins a 3+hr livestream set of vinyl from

Tracks include Silverlining Dubs, Kai Alce, Hakan Lidbo, eWax, a few dub techno cuts, Fred P, the new Mendy on Purple Box, Zarem on error404, Telum and more,

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Silverlining - Aura (Kai Alcé Remix) [Silverlining Dubs – SvD011]

Hakan Lidbo - Vanisher [Lap Dance]

Marc Heun - Love Goes [Oh So Coy Recordings 009]

Sy - Higher [eWax 017]

Richard Davis - Your Soul [Repeat 004Y]

Thor - Aliens Don’t Boogie (Mark & Matt Thibideau Remix) [Thule 027]

Adria Duch - Here In My World [Lempuyang 004]

Orion - OP 07 [Orion Records Speciale01]

Stereoform - Pleine Lune (Octave Remix) [CellaRoot 001]

Fred P - Visonary Levels [Synchrophone Recordings]

Ki.Mi - Component [kashatskikh 005]

Melodie - Flow [CineticArt201]

Mendy - The Organ Trip [Purple Box 006]

Taslo Valve - Manipulating Lettuce [Free Voyage 005]

(this is approx the first hour... more to come) 

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