Going big with EP010, as shares a full 4hr live all-vinyl set from the Black Fridaze livestream. 

(I can't be sure of the accuracy of the t/l... it was a long night 😅)  

Vince - Sucre [BORDE05]

Root - Dionysus [The Aviary]

Sascha Sonido - Point of View [CUE028]

Corrie - A Thing Called Hope [VDK004]

Andrew Azara - Tokio (De La Swing 6am Remix) [Surge]

Cosmjn, Lizz - Divide [Playedby]

Cristi Cons - Autumn (Sunset Mix) [SYNKRO001]

Florence - Nicolas [Florence003]

Guy From Downstairs - Rodul [Curtea Veche 008]

Areon - Forabomber [Blind Vision Dubs]

Neverdogs - Stop & Repeat [Decay]

Jay Tripwire - Voices [Irenic]

David Agrella - Third Floor [AGR001]

Aron - Dark Object [Sintope Vinyl Series 018]

Venda - Hollow (Niko Maxen Remix) [Pathway Traxx PT19]

Tripmastaz - Nogivruki [Body Parts]

Soultape - Lux Mea Victoria [Soultape 02] - Asteroid (Hit Hz Remix) [Gliese Records GRV001]

Marius - Smoothie Dinner [JUICER001]

Swoy & Silat Beksi - Starburst [MODEIGHT012]

Markus Herbert - Floating Line [YYKMK96]

Montei -   [MVS001]

Alavux & Tomikas Bojadzi  [SVEMIR006]

Dot13 - Homo Deus [STORY001]

Sunaas - Who’s the Bad Guy? [Chat Noir 005]

Laod -  [44km/h Records]

Hendriks Toth -  [AKR004]

Sascha Dive - Children of the Light (Heerd Remix) [Cue Vinyl 001]

Unknown - Percalist [OGE White 008]

Aline Brooklyn - Bahamama [twwr01]

Unknown - Kava [Rayonas]

Joss / Alex P [ARR042] 

John Manhard [Sous:sol – SOS005]

Julian Perez [GIRADA 010]

Ki.Mi - Construction H [KASHATSKIKH RECORDS 008]

Sidéral - [Partout 7.01]

Rock Rave [School of Rock 001]

Atree - ARP003

Andrew Weatherall - Y.W. Eleven (Rhadoo Remix) [DISDAT005.1]

Arapu - Pe Final [CONF001]


AWIN - Fish Ride [YOY013]

Ema Remedí - Virazon [SAVOR020]

Joren Edwards - 012.1 [ATIPIC012]

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