UVS boss is back on the 1s & 2s to showcase some new vinyl in the shop from the last few weeks. As always, in limited quantities, so act fast... a few of these already sold out. 



Marlon Brandog - Leave The Gun. Take The Barkoo [DGFTHR01] - Goji [YOY012]

Goris Lecker - Ciebo [KREISLESS001]

REda daRE - Nikemook [BAM005]

Mihai Pol - Olimp [ABATCS005]

Lola Palmer - Stay (Priku ft. Dinu Remix) [BERGAMON14]

MakiFer – Jam [COMETE 001]

Na Nich - Still There [OBQ011]

Sublee - Rarrock [SER049]

Soyro - 1008 [PP002]


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