Welcome to the UVS Podcast, where we will be featuring plenty of the new and used wax available in the shop to give you a feel for the potential of the tracks in the context of some mixes. These aren't intended to be flawlessly polished mixes, but broad stroke sets showcase the tunes. 

Most of the shows will probably be mixed by our Founder / Resident,, but look for some special guests here and there. 

Up first, is a bit of a tribute mix to a beloved family wiener dog we lost recently. He loved to hang out on his pillow and listen to me play. This off-the-cuff vinyl set was the last time I got to play for him. RIP lil' buddy.

Some of these are still available in great condition in my used collection. If you would like to try to get a fresh, Mint copy, contact me and I'll see if I can track one down. (Click links for product info) 

UVS Podcast 001 // // mr_bouncer

Tito Mazzetti - Memories of Tomorrow [Stay Random Natasha]
Unknown Artist ‎– Lite Feet [OGE White 008]
Luke Hess - Soverign [Hotmix Records HM-026]
Artslaves - Self Motion [EMBILTD011]
Direkt - Past Present [Subtil SBTL020]
Rares Romanov - Double Dash [Sonet SONET004]
Pirvu - În Fat Ca Petele (Rhadoo Remix) [ClubGuesthouse Records – gehas 01]
Moray, Different Reflexion - Suena A Fly [Focus On Egoless ‎– FOE005]

Sonohat - Another Bottle of Wine [Midas Touch ‎– MDT03]
Axel Stone - Mega Drive [SNAZALTD01]
Sublee - Filarmonica [Playedby010]
Tripmastaz - Kukuruku [BodyParts Vinyl ‎– BPV027]
Unknown - White Vinyl
One Trip To Avyon [onetriptoavyon ‎– OTTAHEKO2]
OGE007 Giralda

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