We're sending our thoughts to the people in Ukraine 🇺🇦 and around the globe being impacted (including the Russians and their families who do not support this war). Ukrainian and Russian artists are a big part of music we love and support. Music connects us.

In effort to support, I’ve gathered a few Ukrainian artists and labels from the shop to highlight here.

Profits from sales of these records will got to CARE's Ukrainian Crisis Fund to support humanitarian efforts. 


Silat Beksi & Swoy - Starburst EP (Modeight)

🇺🇦 Ukrainian dj/producer Silat Beksi is among my favorite producers out there right now. Here he is paired with Russian artist Swoy for a killer 4 track release.

A1. Silat Beksi, Swoy - Allophone
A2. Silat Beksi, Swoy - Pro2
B1. Swoy, Silat Beksi - The Escapist
B2. Swoy, Silat Beksi - Starburst



Karaba - Jungle Juice EP (AIMED)

Ukrainian 🇺🇦 label Aimed featuring France producer Karaba, who delivers a very effective 4 tracks EP with various shades of his style from break to electro and tech-house influenced tracks.

Lille based DJ and producer blends mid 90’s textures and club-oriented sounds, giving the result of what he was able to produce in his lockdown studio back in 2020 with this 'Jungle Juice' EP

A1 Karaba - Jungle Juice 
A2 Karaba - Arp Tweeker
B1 Karaba - Movement
B2 Karaba - Circulate



Various - Orizont 01 (Orizont)

Four tracks that aim at different dancefloor moments spanning from the warm morning after-hours to the euphoria-infused peak-time moments: Ukraine's Kirik's exquisitely warm rolling grooves, Yuda's elastic basslines, and quirky bass stabs; the slightly paranoid, beat-repeated synth cuts and acidic grooves of Cojoc; And the expansive atmospheres and full-bodied basslines of Zgaav.

🇺🇦 Kirik  - Voyage 7:50
A2. Yuda - Shut Up 7:52
B1. Cojoc - Vrajitorul Din OZn 7:21
B2. Zgaav - Sound Of That 8:08



Various - SBV 002 (Soblazn Music)

The second vinyl offering from 🇺🇦 label Soblazn! We are proud to present a VA with 4 exceptional gems, carefully curated from amongst the scene’s vibrant talents.

A1. Matei Tulbure - Lisa
🇺🇦 Yaroslav Lenzyak - Mirakl
B1. Andu Simion - Skala
B2. Cumuli, Bvrton - Jericho




Stephan Bazbaz, Leon - Moanized 06 (Moan Recordings)

Moan is back with a new awesome vinyl release. This time with 4 new incredible artists like Fabe, Ukraine's iO(Mulen), Leon & Stephan Bazbaz. Four powerful tracks that will leave for sure an indelible mark on a beautiful limited 300 copies orange marble colored vinyl.

A1. Moint Jasmin -
🇺🇦 iO Mulen Remix
A2. DR 600
B1. Rip City - Fabe Remix
B2. Rip City



Various - WINDER 07 (Winder Records)

🇺🇦 label Winder presents its next compilation with several of the Subtil artists... Triptil, Vern, Wyro, Webber. Absolutely deep underwater vibe. Dive into it! Triptil's on more of the housey tip. Vern serves up a slice of Rominimal. Wyro & Webber break it up nicely. Vinyl only.

A1. Triptil - Energy Source
A2. Vern - Deviant
B1. Wyro - Lies
B2. Webber - Vibe Form


Various - Sanguina 005 (Sanguina Records

Ukraine, Romania, Switzerland and more come together on this one. 

🇺🇦 Kirik - Boat for Us
A2. Macarie - Angry Patterns
B1. Michel Degen - I'm not Romanian But
B2. Bucurie, dot13 - One Step Ahead


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