Most of the time, my podcast here is geared toward all-vinyl mixes of new stuff available in the shop for purchase. It's my way of showcasing what is new and providing some fun context to some of the new releases or gems I think folks may be overlooking.

However, over the holidays I did some digging and sorting through some of my personal collection and pulled a bunch of recent tracks I wanted to revisit that aren't necessarily for sale or in-stock at the shop right now. I ended up recording a series of these over the course of a couple weeks and thought I'd share them here. 

As indicated, these may not be in stock right now, but I'll try to put together tracklists and if you do hear something you are interested in, feel free to reach out and I'll see if I can track down a copy. Not all of these are sold out at the distributors but many are and others may be up for repress, so let me know if you want something here.

First up in the "Sold Out" series is, well... Vol. 1, which is on the deep house tip. 


Jeremy Weeks - Voyage Interplanetaire [Elarum, 2020]

DJOKO, Chris Stussy - Constant Time [Berg Audio, 2021]

Junkie Sartre - Temptation [Repeat, 2021]

Variant - Bardot is Talkin [Variant, 2021]

Josh Baker - Immediate One (Chris Stussy + Prunk remix) [PIV Limited, 2020]

Bluetrain - Where’s Burt? [Bluetrain, 2020]

John Hut - Jacal [Aku, 2021]

Roger Gerressen - Spirit [Joule Imprint, 2020]

Agustin Alvarez - Standby [BienAimer, 2021]


D:fferent Place - A Close Distance feat. CL [D:fferent Place, 2021]

Raru & Cheise - Come On (Alffie Remix) [Unknown Label Milano, 2021]

DJ Deep - Batu [Tatum, 2021]

Yellow Wax - Organic 012 - [Yellow Wax, 2021]


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