Atipic (Lab)

Romanian artist & dj Adrian Niculae, better known as Priku, founded this independent vinyl only label in 2016. The label, and it's sister-label Atipic Lab, has featured a slew of Romanian and European talent, such as Niculae / Priku himself, Arapu, Vincentlulian, Vlad Arapasu, Alexis Cabrera, ardb, Joren Edwards, Cosmjn, Direkt, DumitrEscu, Dinu, Sublee and many more.

Not only do we carry (and still have some in stock) the recent releases below, the web of artists mentioned above spans lots of other labels and releases worth checking out.

(*Pro Tip, when searching UVS for terms like your favorite dj or producer, it will return not only tracks and remixes by that artist, but also sometimes stuff they are playing, as we often include what djs are supporting certain records in the description).

If you are in Atlanta this weekend and love the rominimal sound, you are in luck as both Priku AND Arapu are in town, both with outstanding local support.

Our good friends Alley Cat and Project B. have you covered.


Project B. presents Social Electronic w Arapu

Here's a list to check out (click links to shop):

Joren Edwards - Atipic 012 (Atipic)

Dinu - Atipic Lab 013 (Atipic Lab)

Sublee - Atipic Lab 014 (Atipic Lab)

Floog - Atipic Lab 15 (Atipic)

Other tracks featuring Priku and Arapu:

Barut - Cuantiz EP (More Than Music) w/ Priku remix

Lola Palmer - Somewhere New (Berg Audio) w/ Priku remix

Unknown Artist - Untitled (EEE002) sneaky Priku edit of Depeche Mode

Haokah - Memory Trigger EP (KPTR02) w/ Arapu remix

Arapu / Sandro Kuhne - CONF001 Part 1 (Confucius Records)

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